Over the past years Pythons’s Scientific Stack has evolved as a competitive alternative to e.g. R or proprietory solutions like MATLAB. Being free and open source, the Scientific Stack is backed by a huge supportive community.

Covering a wide area of applications, ranging from Scientific Computing to Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Visualization, Python is now widely used in both research and industry.

If you ever wanted to get into Scientific Python but did not know where to start: we got you covered!

On April 28, 2018 a 1-day Scientific Python Workshop for Women will take place, organised by PyDays Vienna, together with the Office for Gender Competence at the Technical University of Vienna.


  • When: Saturday, 28 April 2018
  • Where: TU Vienna, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna
  • Contents:
    • Installation party (Anaconda distribution)
    • Introduction to Python for people with coding experience
    • Introduction to Python’ scientific stack:
  • Pre-conditions: some coding experience is required, but no Python experience is needed
  • It’s FREE!
  • Registration required (soon to be done here :) )

Upates will be soon be announced here.

We are looking forward to dive into Scientific Python with you!

Cheers, Marie and the PyDays Workshop Team

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